Stuff I Like = Stuff Christians Like

“Do you love Jesus? This book is for you”

I want to “love on” this book a minute. I laughed out loud just about the entire time I was reading it! I am grateful to Zondervan for sending a copy.

The are 10 essay sections containing segments such as “Having a Spiritual Excuse Not To Have a Spiritual Discipline” or “Waiting Until a Co-Worker Is Away From His Desk To Drop Off Some Christian Propaganda.” As a fellow Christian, so much of it resonated with me because let’s face it – we sometimes do some pretty weird stuff all in the name of faith. Some of my favorite segments were:

  • Trying to Say Something Christiany Without Looking Like A Snake Handler
  • Being Not Funny For The Lord
  • Breaking Up With Your Small Group
  • Sending More Hate Mail Than Satanists
  • Occasionally Swearing
  • Fearing Your Church Will Do Something Wacky The One Time You Invite A Friend To Church
  • Fearing That God Will Send You To Africa If You Give Him Your Entire Life
  • Dominating The “Please Turn To…” Bible Race In Church

While the book is full of funny satire, the last couple of segments are excellent, as the author explains his understanding of grace and the crazy amount of love that God has for us. To borrow from “Thinking You’re Naked”:

I don’t know when you discovered shame. I don’t know when you discovered that there were people who might think you are silly or dumb or not a good writer or husband or friend. I don’t know what lies you’ve been told by other people or maybe even by yourself. But in response to what you are hearing from everyone else, God is still asking the same question, “Who told you that you were naked?”

Wow – that’s good stuff. All in all, this book was a great read, and I highly recommend it! Even my “un-churched” friends got a good chuckle, not only from the book, but out of my enjoyment of it as well. So, go buy it. It might make you want to be more Christiany.

Visit Jonathan’s blog for more Stuff Christians Like. Also, he’s a great Twitter follow!

One thought on “Stuff I Like = Stuff Christians Like

  1. I actually paid for a copy.. from the GCCwired bookstore, no less.. And I tweeted to Jon Acuff that it was the LAST one. Melissa was there with me and can attest to my “from around the corner of the aisle” sneak reach to get my hands on it, lest the person looking at the endcap grabbed it first.

    Great read- I can only aspire to Jon Acuff’s writing skillz. (yes with a z)

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