National Kiss Your Wife Minute…

My wife and I were chatting last night before bed, and while I don’t remember the details of what exactly led up to this part of the conversation, I do remember this:

Me: I don’t know about that, but I do know that it’s National Kiss Your Wife Minute.
Melisa: oh really – just a whole minute, huh?
(more kiss)
Me: yep. Didn’t you know?
Melisa: well, since I don’t have a wife…
Me: yeah, you didn’t get the memo.
(kiss, kiss – surely you’re grossed out by now)
Me: and some lucky American Tax-payers will get more than a minute…
Melisa: oh yeah?
(gettin’ steamy)
Me: yeah. It’s part of the stimulus package or something (insert pun here ____________!)
Melisa: (laughing)
Me: (smirk)
Melisa: (laughing). Good one – you should write that down.

What’s the point of the story? Kiss your wife. What’s the other point? Make her laugh (even if at the expense of politicians)!

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