I kissed a girl and I liked it…

About a year ago I took a great risk; decided to pursue a woman in whom I had great interest and much commonality. After several long conversations about life and faith and choices and consequence, I decided there was something I didn’t want to miss out on with her.  Of course, there’s this whole life-stage and age difference thing, but we just clicked.  The risk was in deciding to be brave during a card game on Thanksgiving and feel out her interest in me.   I thought that surely she was interested, but you never know and historically I tend to like girls who aren’t interested in me.

<<—– Isn’t she gorgeous?  I think so too!

Anyway, I asked her to dinner during a game of Dutch Blitz, which I was at the time very much losing.  She said “sure.”  This was before the Thanksgiving meal was even served.  Had she said “no” I might have gone hungry in shame.  Later that evening, we hung out late and played rock band.  Then the next day (Friday) we hung out some more after I was off work.  Night after that (Saturday), I took her to a casual dinner.

The next night (Sunday evening), we hung out yet again after I was off work, and I decided to take an even bigger risk.

I kissed her.  And I liked it.  And she didn’t slap me.  She even kissed back.

Anyway, that kicked off a series of events that eventually led to asking Melisa to marry me.  Relatively quickly, as you may be aware.  Technically, she may have asked me first, but I had to go old school because a girl doesn’t ask those things.  It has to be done a certain way.

And here we are.  Technically one year later.  She still kisses me, and I still feel incredibly lucky.

For the record, we haven’t played Dutch Blitz since :-)

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