What are they saying about you?

You lead a sales team. You manage a business office. You are the foreman on an assembly line or work crew. You’re a church. Boyscout troop. Lemonade stand. Baby sitter. Medical professional.

Your products, services, size, and mobility are all different. One major thing you have in common???

You are a brand.

Your job at every available opportunity is to build your brand, make the phone ring and even pickup web traffic. Your strategy used to be having the first or largest name in the phone book, a flashy logo on your vehicles, canvas the neighborhood with coupon flyers, and any other way in which you might be able to “get the word out.”

What hasn’t changed is the importance of what your prospects, customers, and even employees are saying about you. It used to be that 3 people would tell someone else about a good experience, while 7-8 people would tell others about a bad one. With the advance and prevalence of social media, someone can damage your brand (or you personally) within 140 characters and a ‘send’ button. Instant, global, permanent.

In week 2 of MAXIMERS, our friend Butch Whitmire led the discussion on the importance of intentional brand building. He mentions that a “brand is built in on a series of satisfying experiences.” Within these experiences, we inevitably make promises to our customers. From the smiling faces on our brochures all the way to the punctual and clean arrival of our product or sales and service personnel, we are making promises to the customer.

This becomes challenging at times because we tend to paint our visions of success on conference room whiteboards and PowerPoint slides, but how do our people receive the vision? As Butch points out, sometimes “… in leadership, we say what we want to happen, but don’t often know that what we put into the pipe will come out how we want it on the other side.” As leaders, our job is ensure that we can deliver on our vision – promises to the customer – from consultation to delivery.

The better experience begins with exceptional service to our people (employees are your customers too!), who should then provide exceptional service to the customer. While we can’t control what our customers might say about us, we will definitely influence their experience one way or another. This is where your brand is built.

Here are three questions to ask yourself about your brand:

  1. What promises are you making to your customers, and can you deliver?
  2. If so, can you deliver every time?
  3. What can you do internally to take steps toward strengthening your brand?

So, what are your customers saying about you?

Click below to watch the video of this discussion!

Branding and Expectations from Mark Meyer on Vimeo.

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