Opinion: Why I think Occupy Wall Street is a misguided sham

I think the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations that are popping up everywhere are misguided. It seems that there is a total lack of vision, clarity, or goals for what the demonstrations are set to accomplish. There are so many messages coming out of the protests, including strong anti-Semitic, anti-American, anti-Capitalism, anti-military, anti-corporate profits (aka greed), union labor rights, etc. It’s as if anyone who has something to complain about is welcome.

I find it unfortunate that protesting banks and financial institutions is so en vogue, but the real protesting should go right to Washington. Even if the banks have made a profit, they should be allowed to – that’s Capitalism. We used to want banks to profit. In fact, haven’t the banks repaid the TARP money that they were FORCED to take?

If you are concerned about a shrinking middle class, go protest at the Capitol building. The more that we hand out money, extend unemployment, force banks to refinance mortgages at lower rates, forgive college loans, etc., the more the middle class will shrink. Someone has to pay for all of that, and it is those of us who are actually working to contribute to society – which seems to be rampant with people who want government to bail them out and hold their hands. I don’t understand how the Government is going to continue spending while also employing an agenda that demonizes those who “aren’t paying enough” into the system.

Unfortunately, Obama is making it real easy to do nothing for a living and still be cared for. He is currently pushing two Executive orders (bypassing Congressional approval) to force the refinance of mortgages and a new one to lower student loan repayment agreements, and eventually forgive the debt after a period of time. Since this is an opinion post, I believe that the longer we are under this president, the quicker our country will fail and lose its sovereignty to what ever country we owe the most money. We will be become slave to the lender. What’s more, this administration has borrowed tons of money from China, but are quick to criticize for currency manipulation. Now Obama is out on his campaign tour saying that we need him for four more years… really? Don’t you find that rather audacious?

Here’s what I don’t understand: When did we become a country where you can’t enjoy the fruits of YOUR labor? When did we forget the value of a hard-day’s work? When did we lose responsibility for the well-being of our families and the opportunity to better our own situation?

When did America become home of the lazy and irresponsible?

I’m sorry, but if you overspend as a citizen, you need to dig yourself out. If you are a failing business, you need to help yourself out. The government has no business handing out money like this. It’s no secret that the Private Sector knows how to create jobs better than the government – and it’s so secret that private citizens are more charitable and have far greater impact than anything fully subsidized. The more that this Administration takes from me to give to someone else the less incentive there is for me to give freely to the needy. I would rather (and do) give money to my church and local outreach initiatives than give it to the government who cannot account for it, or wastes it on all kinds of crazy projects that do not benefit the citizens of the U.S.

This protesting is out of control. There’s no end goal in sight from what I can see, and there’s no leader. There are plenty of celebs and politicians joining the cause – what about their greediness? Is anyone complaining about their excess profits? The media made a big deal of guys like Kanye West and Michael Moore joining the protestors, and I think Moore was donating some funds for the cause. But, no one is going after those guys. I mean, Peyton Manning was making a ridiculous amount of money per game. Some actors/actresses are making several million per episode. Who’s protesting that?

I think the intentions for OWS is misguided at best. Look, I’m in what they are now calling “the 99%” but do not at all feel represented by any of these protesters. I still believe in working hard to get ahead. If I want to go further, I’ll identify what I need to do to make myself a better candidate. From what I can tell, these 99% folks want a bunch of handouts from the “greedy.” As far as I’m concerned, they’ll only call it greed if someone else has the money.

If I can’t pay my bills, I stop spending or sell things to make due – but it will have been my fault for spending the money, signing on for the mortgage, or swiping the credit card. I would have no one to blame but me – not a bank for making the profit on my loans, not the government for allowing them to make a profit.

I think we need to get back to looking ourselves in the mirror, taking back personal responsibility, and stop expecting someone else to take care of us when something doesn’t work out.

And for the love of this country and future generations: GO GET A JOB AND PAY YOUR OWN WAY.


2 thoughts on “Opinion: Why I think Occupy Wall Street is a misguided sham

  1. Agreed. Thanks for the links to the heritage info, that’s insane. Although, I AM looking for a job and I hear chinese prostitutes co. is hiring???…..

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