Got influence? What are you doing with it?

When was the last time you stopped to consider who you influence? Many people would say they are not a leader; but in many cases, the contrary is true. If there’s someone that you influence in any way, you are in a position to lead them. So, you’ve got some influence with someone – what are you doing with it?

At the basic levels, some examples of influence: Parents influence children. Coaches influence players. Supervisors influence their workforce. Pastors influence their church and community. Workers influence their neighbor workers. Kids influence other kids.

In this week’s Maximizer’s, we discussed influence to explain the vision of the group. In the most basic way to explain our intentions: We all spend so much time in the workplace, some of us 40/50/60 hrs or more. How could we possibly think that God doesn’t have a plan for us there?

Are we intentional about our influence? Are we asking God how we’re supposed to use our influence with the people we interact with on a daily basis? None of us are strangers to competing demands that pull us in multiple directions. Sometimes we get so busy that we lose sight of intentionality.

This is why Maximizer’s exists!

We intend to help each other press in and stay engaged with our sense of responsibility in our communities. We should model intentionality and purpose to others. We should be the best employees. We should be the example by which the bar is set. We should be building and equipping teams for success.

It’s hard enough to lead on our own; the pressure is high, the goals are aggressive, and we have to find ways to accomplish this through the teams we lead. Sometimes I even feel like I’m going it alone, especially as it relates to leading from a faith basis, and have to keep producing through the good and the challenging times. It’s refreshing to meet with other leaders from diverse industry who are working to grow in the same ways.

As you look ahead to the new year, consider what you want to accomplish. How much more effective could you be by asking God to show you how to steward your influence?

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