True Leadership Confessions

I post on this blog as a student of leadership; one who is nowhere close to having it all figured out, but intentionally walking in that direction. I understand that it’s going to take many years and many tears to get there.

But, where, and what, exactly is this “there” that I’m going? How will I know when I’m there? How far aware am I?

Well, I must confess to you now that there is one particular roadblock that I am having trouble getting around. And, since I know everyone loves a good scandal, I’ll lay out all the juicy details.

A Leadership Inventory: How Do I Rate?

But first, let’s look at a few of the attributes normally found in a good leader – and compare with how I currently see myself. A leadership inventory, if you will:

  • Healthy concern for their people     check
  • Willing to invest in self and then others     check
  • Desire to put team goals ahead of personal goals     check
  • Gives recognition where due     check
  • Operates as a coach to help others reach their highest potential     check
  • Sets goals and holds accountability     check
  • Builds and maintains healthy and productive relationships with many    check

As you can see, I’m doing pretty good. Obviously, I am not a master in any one of these areas, but currently make every effort to practice these concepts.


Are you paying attention???

Ready for the dirt???

… EXCEPT with individuals I don’t particularly like. Gasp. Shock. Awe. Disappointment.

Not The Way of a True Leader

I know, I know – I feel the same way about it. There are a couple of specific individuals in my life who I just can’t seem to choose to handle the way I know I should.

Now, I know this is not the way of a true leader. I mean, WWJMD (What Would John Maxwell Do?

As a growing leader and student of leadership, and as a Christ follower, I should take these opportunities and use them as potential breakthrough or growth moments. Instead, I typically avoid the situations or the individuals and continue to build a case file containing all the reasons why I just don’t like them.

I am keeping score. And I know I shouldn’t.

Where Would A True Leader Go From Here?

Is it possible that a true leader wouldn’t find themselves in this predicament? Maybe. But, here I am – and I owe it to myself and, maybe more importantly, those specific individuals.

I continue to read a lot in effort to learn from a few very smart and seasoned leaders. Sometimes I even pray for ways to better handle these situations. However, I know that reading and prayer are only as good as the action I am willing to take toward what I am seeking.

Three Small ‘True Leadership’ Steps

With that in mind, I can take these three small steps in that direction:

  • DECIDE to make the effort
  • FOLLOW THROUGH with the decision to make the effort
  • HAVE A JOYFULL HEART so that I can make a genuine effort.

Do you ever struggle with this or similar issues? Do you think it devalues a leader’s reputation to continue down the same path, or to admit the weakness?

4 thoughts on “True Leadership Confessions

  1. I think your issue makes you human. The real challenge is not letting our personal feeling influence the way in which we communciate. This is easier said than done. I would highly recommend the book Leadership and Self Deception. I have given it as a gift to managers dozens of times, and I think it will help you with your concerns. Good luck and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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