Legacy… In One Word

If I were to ask you what one word best describes you, how would you answer? Sure, we all have things we want be known for, or things we want people to think about us.

Legacy in One Word

You’re never to young or old, experienced or green to think about the legacy you will leave behind. What will yours be? Can you describe it? Can you do it in one word?

I heard a friend (and boss) yesterday say that when people think his name, he wants that to be synonymous with the word relationships. You know what, this is already happening for this individual – he builds and values relationships with everyone he interacts with no matter the capacity. In fact, that’s exactly how I ended up working for him.

What’s My Legacy Going to Be?

Truth be told, I can think of a few words that some folks may already associate my name with. No matter the reason, we all garner a reputation that follows us wherever we go. In mixed company, I have a great reputation and maybe a not so great one for others.

But what about legacy? Surely your reputation lends credence and direction to your legacy. So, what about me?

Okay – so I’ll give it a try. There are a few things I want to be known for (in mostly random order):

  • Leadership – obviously, as this is the focus of this blog and much of my personal investment
  • Partner – I want to be one that people invite to the round table because of a certain resource and value that I bring in collaboration of ideals
  • Companion – this one is from the perspective of my wife – I want to be the best companion she could ever want
  • Reliable  – a rock; steady and firm, yet balanced and fair
  • Mentor – I want to help people reach their highest potential… build into others so that they can, in return, build into others

Father – not just any father, but the kind you want to be proud of and thankful to have. This is a tough one because there are so many ways to mess it up

Who Are Your Six Friends?

Who are your six friends that carry you to your final resting place? Literally, who are the six friends that will carry your casket and lower it into the ground. Honestly, I don’t know that I can answer this question even now as I type.

Your legacy should be such that anyone attending your funeral would be honored to be one of the six. And as people look over you for the final time, they are going to be thinking something about you. What will it be? This one is a sobering thought for me.

You Only Get One

One life. One chance. One reputation. One legacy.


However, we get a lot of days in which to impact our legacy. We never know how many, and they could come to a sudden end at any time. Let’s commit to use them wisely and intentionally.

What is your one word legacy?

4 thoughts on “Legacy… In One Word

    • Thanks – Godly is a great word to be remembered by. I should probably strive more for that one as well. For me, I think that all of the other things are only possible with God.

      I really need to figure out who my six people are… :-)

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