More of God’s love

My wife showed me this video created by Norm Miller, Chairmain of Interstate Batteries. I love the intent of the message and the heart behind it, but have two questions:

  1. Is the message clear as presented (especially if you hadn’t seen the intro)?
  2. Is the message relate-able as  presented?

I figured if our children were a little confused, it could be interesting to see what others think.

Watch the video and let me know your thoughts:

7 thoughts on “More of God’s love

  1. I feel like where Interstate Batteries’ “God’s love” video falls short, the following ad campaign for Liberty Mutual gets the message across beautifully-

    There is no mysterious ray of hearts, swirling about the city and magically preventing men from fighting and women from abusing their children. I think the key is personal responsibility for the choices we make every day about who we want to be in the world. The video misses that point.

    • Lara – I completely agree. I think the Liberty Mutual spot is far more relate-able and conveys a clearer message.

      Thanks for checking in from sunny San Diego! Hug a palm tree for me.

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  3. I agree, the message isn’t readily recognizable. It would seem likely to be confusing for kids in my opinion. I tried to watch the Liberty Mutual one mentioned by Lara but it’s been removed ;-(

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