Is this personality trait holding you back?

Dale Shafer:

Ego is a killer.
In periods of success or accomplishment, it can be easy to pedestal yourself above others. That pedestal is shaky, and can result in a long, painful fall.
As this article suggests, we have to keep our over-active egos in their proper place.

Originally posted on Blanchard LeaderChat:

In a new online article for Fast Company, Scott and Ken Blanchard identify one of the biggest barriers to people working together effectively.

The culprit?  The human ego.

As they explain, “When people get caught up in their egos, it erodes their effectiveness. That’s because the combination of false pride and self-doubt created by an overactive ego gives people a distorted image of their own importance. When that happens, people see themselves as the center of the universe and they begin to put their own agenda, safety, status, and gratification ahead of those affected by their thoughts and actions.”

Fortunately, the two Blanchards share a four-step process that can help keep an overactive ego in place.

Name it and claim it—takinga page from popular 12-step programs, the Blanchards describe a well-known opening they use when they conduct “Egos Anonymous” meetings for senior executive groups.  They have the…

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