I Want YOU!

All of the controversy surrounding the recent decision of the Affordable Healthcare Act, and its Constitutionality, has confirmed my belief that many Americans do not know or understand our Constitution.

No, this is not a rant on my opinion of the Supreme Court decision.

It is concerning to me how absent the context of history is from the minds of the People it was written for. The Constitution does not

  1. give power to the Federal Government; it gives power to the People to control the tyranny of government
  2. state the duty of the government to allow for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; that is a belief expressed in the Declaration of Independence as endowed to us by our Creator, and protected by men who establish government
  3. provide for the basis of government to financially support the citizens
  4. place the States under the control of the Federal Government, or vice versa; the power belongs to the People. Congress (representatives of the People) passes laws, and the States comply so long as they are Constitutional. If laws violate the Constitution, the States may disregard them without waiting for the ruling of the Supreme Court – and regardless of their ruling if the States believe they are indeed unconstitutional

The Constitution was written for the People, not the government

We the People have forgotten that the Constitution was written for us – not for the government. We have forgotten (or not yet learned) that the Founders intended to leave the power to the People, and not a Central Government.

The Greatest Document ever written by Man

It concerns me that Americans have subordinated their understanding of this, the greatest document ever written by man, to the interpretation of the media and the Supreme Court. Yes, it is the duty of the Supreme Court to interpret the laws, but it doesn’t mean that you should blindly follow an oft agenda and politically-driven decision.

I believe that our lack of knowledge understand of this document has lead to the divisive political landscape that we are now plagued with in this nation. It has lead to a crippling level of federal debt. We are unable to accomplish anything because Republicans and Democrats are constantly engaged in tug of war – the media and lobbies fan the fire.

We are not electing leaders

We must understand that we are not electing leaders – we are electing people who look good and can sell a good line. We are complacent and entitled. We allow our tax dollars to be spent without accountability. We have allowed the House of Congress and Senate to go almost THREE YEARS without a budget.

We are polarized.

We are lazy.

We are easily fooled.

We must wake up. We must know what the Founders intended when they wrote this document. We must steward it well. We owe it to the brave men and women who have had the courage, honor, and sacrifice to defend it for 236 years.

America: It is time that we the People know and understand the Constitution.

We need to stop being entitled. No one owes us anything. Not the government, not the tax payers, not the corporations – NO ONE.

We need to stop being so polarized by our political leanings and get back to fundamental and fiscal basics. Our house is out of order.

This is not about Republican or Democrat. This is about educating yourself. Knowledge is power – if you don’t know it, they can take it away.

“A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have” – Gerald Ford

Every American should own a copy of the Constitution. Click here to order a free copy.

2 thoughts on “I Want YOU!

  1. Very well done – you should start a blog dedicated to covering our history, how it repeats, and what the realities of our origins are vs. how we pervert them today.

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