Are you about to lose that sale?

In the life of a salesperson, there are always many reasons that you are about to lose a sale: competitive pricing, poor timing, loss of funding, and even missed prospecting opportunities.

The best sales people ask the best questions – and then listen!

Many sales gurus over the past 60+ years have said that the best sales persons not only ask the best questions, but they are coincidentally also the best listeners.

Knowing what to ask and then what to listen for seems elementary, right? Well, if it were that easy, we would all win more business through successful selling opportunities. However, we can recall the deals where we wish we could have a second swing.

Are you about to lose that sale?

Over the weekend, I read a great post that highlights 5 very accurate and highly probable reasons we lose sales; including not understanding  or clarifying the priority of the project, and not getting to the key decision maker(s).

As I read this post, I found myself tying all these points back to asking the right questions and listening for the right details. These two pieces are cyclical to each other – you ask the right questions, you listen and catch specific detail, which leads to better questions and, as a result, better detail.

Better questions lead to a better sale. I’ve heard it referred to as fishing deeper to get the better sale.

“I guarantee you that more sales are lost with poor questions and poor salesmanship than are lost to lowest price.” – Jeffrey Gitomer

In sales, every question you ask should have a purpose. Salespersons who do not invest time and thought into their questions lower their chances of success in closing the sale. Ask better questions, learn more about your prospect or customer, then start fishing a little deeper.

Salespersons: What question are you asking? Better yet – what questions are you not asking?

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