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Politics and Leadership: GAP – Day 46

Today’s GAP post is for attitude. As you already know, our legislators finally agreed on a deal for the fiscal cliff, only 1 day beyond the self-imposed deadline. I’m sure we can all appreciate that they finally figured out a way to come together on a plan that will benefit most Americans. If you know … Continue reading

Brutal and divisive election cycle

This election cycle has been one of the most brutal and divisive periods I’ve ever experienced. In fact, I think the divide in our country has grown significantly over the past 5 years. It seems our country has fundamentally shifted in ideals and ideology. It’s evident even in my personal life, where friendships have been … Continue reading

What are we spreading?

What are we spreading?

We live in an agenda-driven society… every time we blink we’re hit with a new image, a new product offer, a new promise. We buy products and ideals based on the promise of a better life – better hair, more fun, successful marriages, obedient children, etc. Ever to stop to think about what it is … Continue reading

I Want YOU!

I Want YOU!

All of the controversy surrounding the recent decision of the Affordable Healthcare Act, and its Constitutionality, has confirmed my belief that many Americans do not know or understand our Constitution. No, this is not a rant on my opinion of the Supreme Court decision. It is concerning to me how absent the context of history … Continue reading

Flying high and proud

Flying high and proud

Today, it only matters that these colors are still flying high and proud. It does not matter if you are Black, White, Hispanic, or of other ethnicity. It does not matter if you are Republican, Democrat, or Independent. It does not matter if you are rich or poor. It does not matter if you are … Continue reading

In a word: Disappointed

The men in this picture took their pursuit of life and liberty seriously. They believed that all men should have the freedom to live according to their own creed and merit of their efforts. Hundreds of thousands of men and women have paid the ultimate price to protect freedom, and make it available for the … Continue reading

More of God’s love

My wife showed me this video created by Norm Miller, Chairmain of Interstate Batteries. I love the intent of the message and the heart behind it, but have two questions: Is the message clear as presented (especially if you hadn’t seen the intro)? Is the message relate-able as  presented? I figured if our children were … Continue reading

6 Things Every American need to do…

If you follow my tweets (if you don’t, you can start now!), you may have observed lately that I have posted a few more politically charged tweets than usual. I’m not going to take this opportunity to apologize; however, I will be glad to unapologetically explain. This is not meant to be preachy or a … Continue reading

Who stages an economic comeback?

Today I received an email that began like this: Who is the most important person involved in staging a global economic comeback? The current President of the United States? Whoever the next President is? The Fed Chairman? The U.S. Treasury Secretary? No. The most important person for the future of the United States and global … Continue reading